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Have you ever said to yourself something like...


'I want to do well at my next audition'

'I don't want to look like a total fool at karaoke'         

'When I sing in the car, I want to be awesome'

'How does my voice work?'

'I want to be able to sing with more confidence'

'I really want to improve my technique'

I can help you achieve your vocal goals



Selection of audition songs to suit both your vocal abilities,

as well as the role for which you will audition

Strengthening of your voice and extend your useable vocal range


Taking the guess work out of singing

and give you full confidence in the sound you make


Helping you understand the structures of the larynx

and how it all works, with a focus on vocal health


Working through proven mental techniques to calm nerves

and focus the mind during performance

Development of aural skills and music reading abilities


All of this and more while having FUN!


To arrange a lesson time or for further queries,

please email me or call on 0408 143 993


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