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For as long as you can remember, you've always loved to sing - in the car, under the shower, mainly when you're sure no one's listening.

But deep down, you'd love to sing in front of an audience. 

The thought of it makes you smile.

Yes - sing in front of others - great idea!

BUT...that would mean people would hear you. You worry you'll be no good. You worry what others might think.

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You start to resign yourself to the fact that it will only ever be back room karaoke that gets you up to sing - after all, no one expects too much at karaoke, right?

Many performers have felt the way you do, but here's the good news...

You can get past your performance fears and start to follow your singing dreams.

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At Maxine Montgomery Singing Studio, our 1-on-1 lessons are individually tailored to support you and your goals.

You will develop vocal confidence and master the mental skills you need on the journey to finding your authentic voice.

Your journey starts by filling out our contact form.

Your audience is waiting for you.

And we're ready to help you step into your courage and onto the stage.

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