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Music theatre is your happy place. You sing show tunes all the live long day and you'd love nothing more than to be in the next local show.


But the thought of having to do an audition makes you anxious, and your inner Judgey Mc Judgeface says to you, "Why would you even try? You're not good enough".

If you keep giving in to the panic, your shower walls will be the only audience to ever hear you belt out "The sun will come out tomorrow..."


I feel you. Auditions used to make me feel edgy and tense.

winter white AUDITION.png

Over time, I found ways to dial down my audition nerves.

And you can too.

With our tailored 1-on-1 performance and vocal coaching Maxine Montgomery Singing Studio will work alongside you to develop the vocal and mental skills you need to own your audition like a boss.

Your first step towards a successful and less  stressful audition starts by filling out our registration form.

Your fellow cast members are waiting for you. And we're here to help you on your way to joining them.

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