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You have a child who is constantly singing at home and putting on concerts for the family. Each time they start a performance, their face lights up. 

They always ask to see the local shows in town and they love the idea of being involved in the next one. But when they think about an audition and performing in front of a larger crowd, their joy disappears and the fear sets in.

You believe in your child and their abilities but you worry that they'll never experience the fun of working on a show with others. If something doesn't change, they won't move past the lounge room. 

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They're not alone. A lot of kids start out only singing for Mum and Dad.

Many kids move past the fear and go on to love the stage.

Your child can too.

At Maxine Montgomery Singing Studio, we work 

1-on-1 with your child to build their confidence.

They will grow their vocal abilities while enjoying songs from multiple genres.

You will see a lift in their self-assurance as we work to develop a mental skill set which will carry them through their first audition and beyond.

Your child's journey to self-confidence begins by filling out our registration form.

You've been enjoying their performances at home, and we're here to help them step out on to the stage where they will further delight you.

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